About Us

A Bit of Background

The Eastern Kings Community Association (EKCA) includes both resident and non-resident property owners.  We are working together to ensure a healthy balance between economic growth for the area, environmental protection, maintaining the considerable natural aesthetics in Eastern Kings and protecting property values.  

​Our Association is guided by four key tenets:

  1. to ensure that the unique natural environment in the Rural Municipality of Eastern Kings is preserved and protected in all respects.

  2. to ensure that land-use planning decisions in the Rural Municipality of Eastern Kings give priority to care and stewardship of the unique natural environment including protection of the area's fragile ecosystems and preservation of scenic vistas and natural beauty.

  3. to ensure that industrial development projects proposed for the Rural Municipality of Eastern Kings, including industrial wind turbines, are only permitted if consistent with principles of good land-use planning and not detrimental to surrounding residential uses.

  4. to provide a voice for persons of like interests in the Rural Municipality of Eastern Kings.


The current focus of the EKCA is on the additional industrial wind turbines being rushed forward by PEI Energy… 

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