Eastern kings community association

conservation through collaboration

A very engaging and informative presentation on health, noise, and wind turbines.  An excellent complement to Fred C's exploration of transmission lines along Munns Road

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There are several new issues we are

facing and fighting as a result of PEI

Energies appeal of the RM's vote

against the wind turbines.

  1. The disgraceful disregard of our council's decision to reject the wind
    turbine expansion.

  2. A Minster of Energy who tried to push through the development
    is now also Minister of the Environment
    - a clear conflict

  3. The PEIFM’s lack of response to this threat on the autonomy of
    all rural municipalities

  4. The on-going legal battle being waged on property owners
    by PEI Energy to control individual rights.

  5. The clear and irrevocable damage the towering wind turbines
    will inflict on birds and wetlands. 

    Support our council
    Write letters to the editor
    Write PEIF  (sample letter below)

    Write to the government and to the opposition parties
    Donate if you can to support our legal actions